Association of German Architects (BDA)

Since its founding in 1903, the Association of German Architects (BDA) has been committed to elevating and improving the function and meaning of architecture in service of society and the environment.

BDA Activities
The BDA promotes a planning and building culture that aims to enrich residential space and improve quality of life through functionally and aesthetically designed buildings, squares and cities. The BDA mediates between clients and architects in order to support an autonomous planning culture free of outside influence and advocates for broader use of open architectural competitions. The association is also committed to assuring high-quality education for the next generation of architects and urban planners.

The BDA communicates its objectives on the national level via annual public events like the Berliner Gespräch (Berlin Discussion) and BDA-Tag (BDA Day) along with numerous topical events, public forums and publications.

Regional Presence
One of the BDA’s particular strengths is its nationwide presence: Regional Associations in all 16 German states are supplemented by various regional subgroups. Through critical debate of planning and construction issues, the awarding of numerous prizes and various additional activities – lectures, exhibitions, workshops, publications – these BDA associations work hard to promote a continuous discussion of local Baukultur.

BDA Magazine: der architekt
In the bimonthly magazine der architekt, experts from around the world discuss architecture, architectural theory and urban planning with a particular focus on interdisciplinary approaches. Technical research reports on planning processes and implementation add an applied dimension to the magazine. derarchitektbda.de

DAZ – German Centre for Architecture
DAZ is a think-tank, a place for exchange, transmission and debate. In workshops, exhibitions, talks, film nights and book presentations, architects, city planners, artists, citizens, users and critics come together to discuss current issues in architecture, spatial production and urban life.

„Who makes the city?“ asks Creative Director Matthias Böttger in 2016. How can social objectives and formal synthesis, robust responsibility and fragile creativity be combined? How can speculative practice change architecture? Architecture´s task is not only to provide solutions, but to name and describe new challenges. Architecture provides no definitive answers, but remains open for questions – you are cordially invited to share and discuss!

DAZ is an initiative of the Association of German Architects, BDA. As an independent forum, the DAZ is responsible for the content and financing of its own program.

Website (english): www.daz.deDAZ Newsletter (english):Registration via www.daz.de
More information and pictures on www.facebook.com/DeutschesArchitekturZentrum or twitter.com/DAZ_Berlin


Since 1903, the BDA has brought together independent architects and urban planners distinguished by the exceptional quality of their work, their personal integrity and collegiality and their shared commitment to Baukultur and professional performance. All members are appointed by the Regional Associations.
The more than 5,000 members of the BDA are among the leading independent architects in Germany. Their track record of success speaks for itself: every third Euro invested in German construction is invested in a project involving a BDA architect.
The BDA appoints only members whose character and work meet strict criteria; appointment in the BDA is both an honour and a recognition of high-quality work.

Full membership requires the following:

  • fulltime engagement as an independent architect
  • above average skill and achievement
  • personal integrity
  • architectural licence

Civil architects, salaried architects and other types of professionals – German or foreign – can be appointed Associate Members.

Associate membership requires the following:

  • personal integrity
  • above average professional skill
  • personal achievement that promotes the goals of the BDA

Data base of full and associate BDA members

Both Full Members and Associate Members may be appointed Honorary Members in recognition of their extraordinary service to the BDA, as may individuals who are not members of the BDA.

All decisions regarding BDA membership are made by the Regional Associations.

The regional associations are part of the national BDA (Bundesverband), which, in turn, is part of the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) and the International Union of Architects (UIA).

Honorary Members

Gunnel  Adlercreutz
Hans Albert Ahrens
Svend Algren
William Alsop
Tadao Ando
Stephane Beel
Jan Benthem
Werner Blaser
Jacques Blumer
Ricardo Bofill
Oriol Bohigas Guardiola
Mario Botta

Santiago Calatrava Valls
David Chipperfield
Kees W. Christiaanse
Krzysztof Chwalibóg
Jo Coenen
Mels Crouwel

Pi de Bruijn
Pierre de Meuron
Christian de Portzamparc
Roger Diener

Peter Eisenman

Norman Robert  Foster
Dieter Fremerey
Franz Füeg

Aurelio Galfetti
Karl Ganser
Frank O. Gehry
Ivano Gianola
Volker Giencke
Ernst Gisel
Giorgio  Grassi
Vittorio  Gregotti
Nicholas Grimshaw

Robert  Haussmann
Trix Haussmann-Högl
Herman Hertzberger
Jacques Herzog
Wilhelm Holzbauer
Sir Michael Hopkins
Theo Hotz

Arata Isozaki
Toyo Ito

Olaf Jacobsen
Helmut Jahn

Klaus Kada
Thomas Kleine
Remment L. Koolhaas
Steffen  Kragh
Rob Krier
Anton Kriesis
Lucien Kroll


David Mackay
Fumihiko Maki
Richard Meier
Rafael Moneo

Adolfo Natalini
Jean Nouvel

Eoin O’Cofaigh

I. M. Pei
Gustav Peichl
Dominique Perrault
Renzo Piano
Boris Podrecca
Wolf D. Prix

Bruno Reichlin
Richard Rogers

Frank Rainer Schmidt
Willi Schoebel
Denise Scott-Brown
Alvaro Siza
Vladimir Slapeta
Luigi Snozzi
Helmut Swiczinsky

Shin Takamatsu
Rolf Rickard Thies
Stanley Tigermann
Niels A. Torp
Erhard Tränkner
Bernard Tschumi

Kim Utzon

Ben van Berkel
Erick van Egeraat
Robert Venturi
Ulrich S. von Altenstadt

Carel Weeber
Otto Weitling
Michael  Wilford

Eberhard H. Zeidler
Peter Zumthor


Deceased Honorary Members

Gae Aulenti
Günter Behnisch
Max Bobran
Jerzy Buszkiewicz
Günther Domenig
Sverre Fehn
Knud Friis
Reinhard Gieselmann
John Alex Gordon
Zaha M. Hadid
Hardt-Waltherr Hämer
Christian Hauvette
John Hejduk
Hans Hollein
Francoise Hélène Jourda
Imre Makovecz
Max Meid
Hervé Nourissat
Timo Penttilä
Pedro Ramirez Vâzquez
Nikolaus Rosiny
Hans Joachim Scheel
Dolf Schnebli
Günter Schudnagies †
Werner Schumann
Jørn Utzon
Claude Vasconi
Hans Busso von Busse
Peter C. von Seidlein
Eberhard Zell


Organisational Structure

The national BDA structure mirrors that of the Federal Republic of Germany: each of the 16 federal states has a registered Regional Association, each of which, in turn, belongs to the national BDA (Bundesverband) based in Berlin. All told, the BDA has about 4,500 Full Members and 500 Associate Members.


BDA Architecture Prizes

The BDA defines quality standards in architecture through several awards: On the national level, the “Große BDA Preis“ (BDA Grand Award) honors a lifetime achievement of an architect. The “Große Nike“ (Grand Nike) honors the collaboration of architects with their clients for an outstanding design or construction. The “BDA-Preis für Architekturkritik” (Architectural Critic Award) honors a journalist for his outstanding critics on architectural and urban planning issues. In collaboration with the Polish Architectural Association SARP, the BDA supports the young generation of architects by awarding a career grant. The 16 BDA regional associations honor architecture of excellence at the regional level and support particularly talented students and graduates of architecture with scholarships. Additional information in German is available here.



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